Our Partners

Our model is to hold for the long-term (potentially forever), while our near-term focus is aggressive growth, achieved through dedication to our 3 core pillars:

Operations Management

Strategy Development and Execution

Capital Allocation

Meet Our Partners

Anthem Partners – Where Legacy Lives

Anthem Partners is a privately owned operator of cemeteries and funeral homes. Founded by a group of industry professionals and backed by long term, patient investors we are actively seeking opportunities to grow our business with like-minded professionals and firms who share our vision.

ClearEstates – Estates Settled Simply

ClearEstate’s mission is to demystify the responsibilities of an estate executor and help clients get through the process as painlessly and efficiently as possible. Settling an estate can be emotionally draining, time-consuming, and even expensive. ClearEstate is North America’s newest digital solution to closing estates. Diagram led the initial venture funding of ClearEstate. Triangle Capital Corporation has provided additional capital and developed key relationships for ClearEstate’s growth trajectory.

Our Partners’ Why

Identified motivators to sell equity stake.

Liquidity • Partnership • Stability

We are discerning about opportunity; we seek significant equity positions with selected partners who meet our model criteria including a viable business plan with demonstrated track record of success and strong industry leading management teams.

Viable Consumer Aquisition

Financially Stable

Strong Management Team

We welcome the opportunity to hear from you.